Imagine your life based on choices made from the heart. Choices that align with YOUR Core Values.


  • You are expected to attend consistently and to participate in a constructive manner.
  • Group runs 9:00 AM through 12:00PM, there are two 10 minute breaks.
  • Maintain Confidentiality. It is essential that everything said in group therapy is kept private by all group members and leaders. 
  • Be Respectful to the other Group Members.  Listen attentively, refrain from disruptive behavior, and tolerate differences in personal opinion and opposing value systems. 
  • No Cellphone Use.

A Growth Mindset

Identifying and utilizing character strengths is linked to a stronger sense of direction, increased self-confidence, and higher levels of success. Specifically, leveraging your strengths:

  • Increases Motivation – we may intuitively sense the areas we need to improve upon, but never actually go one step further to take the action required. Actively reflecting upon, and problem solving around, your strengths increases the motivation to pursue improvements.
  • Builds Self-Awareness – playing to your strengths builds confidence and conviction in your abilities.
  • Sharpens Accountability – leveraging strengths in a group setting increases the expectation to act. 

Your signature strengths can be applied to improve any situation at any time. Beginning this journey requires that you take the survey to secure a ranked list of the strengths that uniquely make you who you are. 

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Assignment: Strengths-Based Introductions
Introduce yourself to the group by sharing information about their strengths and values. Specifically, Write a 300-word introduction describing yourself at a moment when you we're at your very best.

  • The introduction should have a beginning, middle, and end.
  • It should be about one concrete moment in time, not a collection of multiple occasions.
  • It must be written in a positive tone.

‚ÄčOn completion consider/answer the following questions:

  • What strength(s) does this story illustrate?
  • Do you use this strength often?
  • How can you make these strengths more prominent in your everyday life?