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What is possible? Why is that possible? Why don’t I know this already? What can I do about it? A few years back I started to receive a message. This message was NOT clear, I didn’t understand it, nor did I have a clue of what to do about it. Circumstances simply began to shift. ‘LIFE’ was morphing into something that held less and less meaning — which wasn't good. Then I read a book, and began to understand why.

"Finally! It's about time someone tells us how to get from point A to point B instead of just saying we can get there. This book is for anyone who realizes that we have more control over our dreams than we think."  Annie from Minnesota.

Now the thing that struck me about 'this' book was its' author — Bobbie Stevens. She clearly explained a process; how she discovered it, how it worked for her, how it has worked for others, and this seems to be the crucial step that is missing from all those Law of Attraction books — this process includes a series of sequential yoga postures designed to strengthen the nervous system. For me, the program helped quiet the constant chatter in my head. MY thoughts became more clear, and I also learned that different levels of consciousness exist. That it is possible to transcend — which is a good benchmark to come to terms with.

"Bobbie Stevens creates a design for creating a higher spiritual awareness." James Redfield Author of the Celestine Prophecy

If CHAKRAnicity intrigues you — READ BOBBIE'S BOOK. It takes the esoteric topic of spiritual growth, and breaks it down to something anyone can engage. It has helped me and thousands of others (see examples to the right), start down a path that leads to greater joy and fullfilment.

"No human goal is more imprtant than that of realizing the potential for self actualization and achieving it. Bobbie Stevens gives you all the tools you need to reach your goals."  Norm Shealy, Ph.D. – Founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association

Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have & Create the Life You Want.
This remarkable book embodies a set of principles that once understood and adopted have resulted in
thousands of participants creating meaningful change in their lives. Within its’ unique formatting, you’ll find
space in the margins to jot down your thoughts and ideas and reflect on what you’ve just read.
Working in tandem with our faciltators it presents a starting point to moving forward.
A starting point to realizing greater good.