WELCOME! What you are looking at is the first phase of the re-launch of the CHAKRAnicity brand. A brand that grew out of the human potential movement of the 60's. A brand built off the belief in principles that empower each us to realize heightened levels of prosperity and joy in our lives. A brand founded on the fact that we are all connected, and possess the ability to move each other forward toward that prosperity.

To give some background, I initially launched CHAKRAnicity four years ago in partnership with a man who had succeeded in effectively demonstrating those principles. His name was Dr. Dean Portinga (he passed two years ago), he was my mentor and had succeeded in guiding me to a better understanding of who I was, what I wanted, and how to get 'it' done. We collaborated on developing a personal growth platform that leveraged the G.A.M.E Format:

  • 'Players' succeeded in targeting a specific desire, visualizing its fulfillment, accepting its fulfillment, and engaging the format (which culminates in an action step each week).
  • Players documented this process through a web-based journal (securing the support of other players).
  • Each session every player committed to engaging the cycle for eight weeks, posting a supportive comment for each of the other players on their day, with the unified goal of raising energy levels to enhance success rates. And in many ways, we succeeded.