The Challenge Mental Health Practitioners Face is REAL.

Nearly 20% of today's youth experience an episode of clinical depression by the end of high school.  Some studies put depression as being 10X more prevalent NOW than it was 50 years ago (with the average age of first onset shifting from 30 to 15 years of age). Yet ironically the standard of living is better now. We have more purchasing power, houses are bigger, there are more cars, woman have more rights, there is less racism, better schools, and technology enables us to do more in less time.

Where is the DISCONNECT?

Far too many of us have been drawn into the status-quo. We base our hopes, our beliefs, and our actions on the expectations of others in an effort to be 'accepted'. In a word we conform. And this conformity is a major factor driving the proliferation of mental health issues, that as practitioners, we are faced with addressing in a growing number of today's youth.

CHAKRAnicity offers an opportunity down that path.